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Thu Jul 9, 2015, 10:12 AM by Diylion:icondiylion:

Okay my little deviants time for criteria!!!

First lets talk about WHY we even have criteria:

#1 For the Artists! I am in no rush to fill up my galleries with unfinished unskilled work. Galleries are places where artists go to get their work seen! The less often art is added to galleries the more time your art gets to spend on the front pages. The purpose of my galleries are to help skilled artists get noticed!

#2 For the Watchers! Watchers like to have all the good stuff in one place. Deviant makes it difficult for viewers to view new good art without looking at all the new ‘bad’ art.

Okay now we’ve gotten through that lets talk about criteria…
                 The 3 LEGENDARY Criteria
(Obviously if it doesn’t meet the rules on the front page it won't be accepted…)

Quality refers to the artist's skill. It can only be increased with time!
I pay attention too…
Texture: Did you spend time on the texture? Is it consistent in through the art? Is it pleasing to the eye? Is it high quality? I accept sketchiness if I think it adds character.
Shade: is the light source consistent? Are there a lot of ‘funny shadows’? Does it have dimension
Proportion: is that arm kinda funny lookin?
Perspective: Does it have a correct vanishing point?
The surreal argument. I LOVE surrealism and I accept it all the time. However I can tell the difference between an experienced surrealist artist and a new artist.

Creativity refers to the uniqueness of the art and the thought in it’s composition.
Composition: Did you think about your perspective before you started?
Originality: I understand that I will see a lot of black wolves and dragons. But there needs to be some effort with creating a story or making an interesting scene or character.

This one is pretty straight foreword. How much time did you spend on it? Is the art finished? I don’t accept quick sketches or unfinished work!

GIMME LIP AND I’LL IGNORE YOU!! Critiques are for your benefit! I will always give constructive criticism. What you do with it is your business! Complaints about work not being accepted will be ignored!

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